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We’ve been testing out Cragar vehicle care detail products for the team. We’ve checked out the Premium Forex Series. We attempted the rate Brite – Total Wheel Cleaner and also the Tire Black with an Dale earnhardt jr . Truck and Trailer, both labored out fine plus they stored track of other similar retail out of the box products and is considered excellent second tier products for professional detailers and first tier for out of the box automotive cleaning and detailing products for Do-it-yourself vehicle proprietors.

The Rate Brite total wheel cleaner labored just like Auto Magic Brand’s EZ White-colored whitewall cleaner around the alloy and chrome wheels, but we don’t recommend it for polished aluminum Alcoa or niche rims or on Plastic Coated wheel emblem caps or wheels. Incidentally each one of these products could be further reviewed at

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Cragar Spray Gloss Super Shine sounds fancy and may hold it’s own from the Meguiars brand they offer at Wal-Mart, but didn’t do nearly as good from the Boat and Marine Spray Wax from Meguiars Marine Catalog. We used some around the hood from the Blitzmobile

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and also on the hood of the passer bye who wondered who’re individuals guys and just what could they be doing for the reason that parking area in the CES Show between workshops? We feel in Cragar’s motto for his or her Premium Forex Series Products and that’s “Superior Engineering Superior Results” and thus we take their newest product the Brake Dust Barrier – Wheel Surface Protectant to operate. The merchandise labored great but we didn’t see the requirement for two products so we prefer someone to do both jobs, for example capable of getting in to the spider web style BMW rims like around the 2002 BMW or even the 3.18 BMW and take away and neutralize and clean off brake dust. Also utilizing a power washer the merchandise is not required for the team because the current products we use are fine. However the stuff did work nicely. We enjoyed it as being we’re getting away directly from any type of acidity to wash rims, for ecological reasons from the Environmental protection agency and NPDES Permitting, but additionally because of possible lawsuits from workers and OSHA Standards mandated by a few paperwork chief somewhere under some rock?

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We actually enjoyed the Rain Repel – Glass Treatment and found it pretty much as good like a Hydrophobic window treatment or perhaps a coat of Rain-X even though it lasted nearly as lengthy as Rain-X it’s also half the cost.