Legal Tips For Buying A New Car

Buying a new car – apart from Booking Car Plate Numbers (รับ จอง ทะเบียน รถยนต์ which is the term in Thai) that is what you should be aware of. In contrast to buying a used car, buying a new car is usually associated with higher costs. Because the costs for a new car are therefore often not insignificant, a new car purchase should be well prepared – also legally.

  1. General Considerations For Selecting A New Car

Before you start your search for a new vehicle, there are some essential things that you should think about. Financial framework and payment: what is your budget? Cash, financing, or leasing?

Essential selection: What type of car are you looking for? Which brand? What size? Which model? What color?

Drive: gasoline, diesel, hybrid, electric drive, or gas?

Equipment: How much storage space do you need? Do child seats fit in the vehicle? Fabric or leather cover? Airbags? Sat nav? Air conditioning? Parking aid? Seat heating? Etc.

  1. Test Drive

If a vehicle has come into the shortlist for you, you should take a test drive with the “dream car.” Your dealership will usually allow you to take a test drive on-site. The best thing to do is to make an appointment for a test drive in advance so that the vehicle you want is available.

Tip! Don’t forget to take your ID card and driver’s license with you on a test drive!

Before the test drive, let us explain to you what the legal modalities look like! Indeed, the vehicles of a car dealership are usually fully insured. Often, however, you have to sign a document before the test drive and declare that you have to pay a deductible in an accident that you are responsible for and that there is no insurance cover in the event of gross negligence.

Tip! In order not to experience any nasty surprises, be sure to ask the seller and read all the documents carefully that you are supposed to sign. If you have any questions: ask these questions before signing – don’t be shy!

  1. Contract Negotiations

As soon as you have decided on a vehicle, the question arises as to where and from whom you can buy it inexpensively. A search on the Internet quickly shows that the price for one and the exact vehicle can vary considerably. Get different offers and compare. Talk to dealers and negotiate the equipment you require. If you pay for the vehicle in cash, you will regularly receive discounts. Please also note: You are a “cash payer” even if you have the vehicle financed by your bank, but pay with cash! There are also often good conditions for financing through the vehicle manufacturer’s bank. So it is definitely worth asking and negotiating.

Tip! Arrange a trade-in for your old vehicle! If you trade in your old vehicle, the dealer agrees that you can pay part of the new vehicle price by letting him have your “used” ones. Often the dealers offer very favorable prices for the trade-in of your vehicle.