Guide On How To Learn English Language

English is the most spoken language globally, being the native language most spoken and the second most spoken language fluently. To study Online English (คอร์ส เรียน ภาษา อังกฤษ ออนไลน์ Which is the term in Thai), Here is a guide to follow:


As much as possible, try to associate the study with what you like. Look for texts that talk about subjects of interest to you, read and translate the lyrics of the songs and sing along with your favorite band understanding what the song says. You know that movie you love and know backward because you’ve seen it a zillion time? Review it, only now with the English subtitles, and then see it again, only without subtitles. With series and TV shows, it works too.


At the beginning of a new project like writing course for business (business writing เรียน which is the term in Thai), we are always very excited. However, the initial mood usually disappears over time. In studying any language, it is essential to know that the results will come in the long term. This is why initial planning is so essential and must be realistic, as this will be your routine for a long time. It is not possible to determine an exact time for learning, as several factors influence this process. In addition, personal differences must be respected, as no one learns things the same way and not simultaneously.


During the entire learning process, you should consider the reason that led you to study English. Reflect if you want or need to study English. If the answer is the first option, everything will be easier. If you see studying as an obligation, maybe your motivation is in the fruits that this effort will bring you.


Put mental laziness aside and be willing to learn whenever possible. This tip is not only valid for English but its development in several areas as well. The more you exercise your curiosity, the easier it will be to learn anything.


Be careful not to waste time with wrong exercises such as memorizing. Languages ​​cannot be treated as codes, in which for each word in one, there is an exact match for the other. If so, it would be enough to memorize the dictionary to speak another language. Face the foreign language as a system, a new (sometimes complex) universe in which you enter and, little by little, discover its characteristics and identify differences and similarities with your world, that is, your mother tongue.


One of the biggest obstacles for those who want to speak another language is shyness. It is natural not to feel comfortable starting to outline a dialogue in another language, as we know that mistakes are inevitable in the beginning. However, it must be remembered that mistakes are as inevitable as they are necessary. Don’t forget this is how everyone learns. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and don’t miss the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned, even if it’s little.