Meeting Customer Demands for Fashion and Functionality

In the sunglass business, style-conscious customers want to look good above all else. With so many frame shapes, lens colors, and design details to choose from, consumers expect options to complement their personal tastes and make a fashion statement.

At the same time, customers need sunglasses to perform their primary function – to protect their eyes from sunlight and UV exposure. Balancing the customer demand for stylish aesthetics and functional performance is essential for eyewear retailers who want to drive sales and build loyalty.

Catering to Customer Demand for Stylish Frames

Consumers often select sunglasses based on how flattering or fashion-forward they perceive a frame style to be. Cat eye, round, aviator, geometric, and wayfarer silhouettes each create a distinctive aesthetic. That means that carrying a diverse range of frame designs allows customers to find options suiting their personal style.

Frame colors also follow fashion trends that shift seasonally. Warm tortoiseshell patterns peak in popularity during fall months while vibrant translucent tones trend during the summer. Keep up with eyewear color forecasts and refresh inventory to align with changing style preferences.

Special lens shapes like round or teardrop also require corresponding fashion-focused frame designs. Novelty frames with unique accents attract those seeking to stand out from the crowd.

Making UV Protection Non-Negotiable

While customers emphasize style, UV protection is non-negotiable for quality eye health. No matter how fashionable the frame is, lenses must block 99-100% of UV rays. Legitimate brands explicitly state UV protection levels on all sunglasses.

Polycarbonate plastic lenses inherently provide 100% UV protection. Glass or polycarbonate lenses also offer full UV blocking when produced in proper thicknesses and coated appropriately. This essential functionality must never get compromised for the sake of aesthetics. Make UV protection capabilities prominently visible to customers as they browse fashionable frames.

Educating Customers on Polarized Lens Benefits

Along with UV protection, polarized lenses provide added functionality highly valued by certain customer segments. Polarization blocks intense reflected glare from surfaces like water, roads, and snow. This helps customers enjoy their favorite activities like fishing, golf, cycling, and beach going with improved visual clarity and comfort.

However, some fashion-focused shoppers rule out polarized lenses due to misconceptions about color distortion or problems seeing LCD screens. Take time to educate customers that modern polarized lenses allow accurate color transmission and visibility of device displays from straight on.

Adapting Trends for Customers with Prescriptions

Sunglass fashion trends also affect customers requiring prescriptive eyewear. Keeping prescription lens suppliers stocked with trending fashion frame shapes and colors ensures this audience can partake in the latest styles.

Oversized and aviator frames remain perennial favorites aligned with current trends. Lens suppliers also offer single vision lenses tinted fashionable hues like rose, olive, and slate to match key looks. Keeping prescriptive options on-trend is a must to capture this sunglass market segment.

Wholesale Buying Allows High Variety at Low Cost

Stocking a vast range of fashion forward inventory while also meeting specialized performance needs requires significant upfront purchasing. According to the folk at Olympic Eyewear, distributor of wholesale sunglasses, this is where buying wholesale sunglasses proves advantageous.

Purchasing sunglasses by the case or in bulk volume orders directly from manufacturers provides steep discounts off small quantity pricing. Wholesale buying thereby maximizes profit margins even when passing significant cost savings onto customers. Variety no longer needs to be limited by budget constraints.


The ability to acquire on-trend inventory, specialty offerings, and prescription options at reduced wholesale costs is instrumental. It empowers retailers to deliver exceptional variety aligned with customer demand. Meet both fashion and functional needs through the power of bulk purchasing. Delight customers by aligning inventory with their diverse sunglass desires.