How to track your online casino stats and improve your game?

Does Understanding Statistics Help Improve Your Strategies for Online  Casino Games?

The online stats impact how we approach everything from sports to business. The same applies when gaming at online casinos. Tracking key performance statistics over time can reveal strengths to leverage and flaws to improve. By monitoring your ongoing stats, you gain valuable insight into optimizing your casino play.

 Record your game results

The most basic stat to track is your raw win/loss record on each game. Note wins and losses per session along with the corresponding buy-in amounts, bets placed, and profits earned or lost. Over time, your records will show which titles you consistently profit or struggle with. Focus your play on proven winners while avoiding chronic loser games.

Calculate your ROI

Return on investment (ROI) measures your overall profits about the total amounts wagered. It’s easy to calculate:

Total bets

Aim for a positive ROI over time. If your number is negative, you need to adjust betting strategies or game selection to increase profitability per dollar wagered. Positive ROIs indicate you’re effectively beating the house edge.

 Hit frequency

Hit frequency measures how often a game pays out rather than taking your bet. On slot games, this is calculated:

Paid spins / total spins

Table’s games require tracking how many hands win vs the total hands played. Knowing hit frequency shows if your luck is heating up or cooling down. As frequency drops, lower bets to conserve bankroll until payouts improve check here

Log your bet sizing

Fluctuating bet sizes make your stats hard to interpret. Keep detailed logs of the exact bets you make per game session. Over time, trends may emerge showing certain bet sizes win more often. Adjust to increase the frequency of your proven optimal bets. Consistent sizing also helps accurately calculate ROI long term.

Monitor bonus recoup rates 

Bonuses bring a nice upside but inflate win totals before accounting for a playthrough. Separately track bonus amounts awarded, wagers made with bonus funds, and the amounts successfully withdrawn after meeting wagering. This reveals your actual bonus ROI. Tweak strategies if recoup rates lag.

Catalog session duration

Session length impacts fatigue, which influences decision-making. Log both elapsed time and number of spins/hands per session. Over time, charts may show your stats peak at certain durations before declining. Optimize session length based on your historical performance data.

Record your states of mind

Mental state hugely impacts gambling outcomes. Jot down notes on your mindset before and after sessions, including mood, alertness, stress levels, and general well-being. Look for connections between strong mental states and stats. This encourages positive behaviors and headspaces to replicate when playing.

Scrutinize your bad beats 

Unlucky losses hurt but provide important lessons. Record unusual bad beat hands at tables games along with questionable slot losses. Look for any recurring patterns in these tough defeats. Identifying and avoiding repeated pitfalls will improve your luck moving forward.