How To Keep Food Longer In The Freezer

The freezer or a food preservation box (กล่องถนอมอาหาร which is the term in Thai) is the best resource for those who want to keep food longer. Almost any food can be frozen, except mayonnaise, raw vegetables, jellies, egg whites, and cornstarch-based items.

How To Freeze Correctly?

To freeze food correctly, start by choosing the ideal container, such as plastic pots, glass dishes, airtight bags, or even ice cube trays. Separating frozen food into small portions is practical because you will only defrost what is necessary when using it.

When preparing grains, such as rice and beans, season meals with less salt because the salt takes on a more pronounced flavor after freezing; in the case of meats, the ideal is to freeze them without seasoning, as fresh as possible, and it is necessary to know that raw foods should not be frozen twice. Once thawed, raw meat cannot go back into the freezer.

Before freezing vegetables, the ideal is to sanitize them well, separate them into portions and carry out the blanching process, which consists of boiling the food for a few minutes and then immediately stopping cooking. This technique serves to kill bacteria and ensure the nutrients of each item.

Keep Food Longer In The Freezer

When it’s time to freeze fruits, remove the skin and pit and store them in plastic bags. However, it is necessary to know that the texture or flavor of some fruits can change after freezing. The ideal is to use them for the consumption of juices and vitamins.

Organization Tip

To know what’s inside each package in the freezer, label everything with the name of each food and expiration date. Yes, frozen foods also have an expiration date. They usually last up to three months if frozen under ideal conditions.

With these tips, we hope you can keep food longer, enjoying each meal with fresh, well-preserved, and tasty products. And know that kitchen organization doesn’t have to work. Just count on accessories and utensils that will help you.

Mobile shelves, plastic or acrylic organizers and lots of different shapes and sizes help when putting everything in place. Need a container to store dry foods like pasta or rice? Or do you want to make better use of the space available in your fridge?